Choose a Teak Television Unit

Pamper Yourself and Your Television

Televisions have come a long way since the early days of that tiny wooden box in the corner with the twelve inch screen that broadcasted just one or two channels. Today it is very much the centre of the home and the centre of our home entertainment experience.  We use them not just to watch the television, but also to surf the internet and to play video games on. Though we do not particularly need a big screen for the internet, we do like to have as large a viewing area as possible for playing video games – especially if we go head to head with our friends in a shooter or a sports game and the screen needs to be split.

It isn’t just a television we require either. For those of us who like to have a home cinema experience, we need an amplifier and multiple speakers dotted around the room to give us the full scope of viewing and sound experience. Televisions are getting larger to cope with this demand; televisions are larger and come with more features which mean that televisions are heavier. Small and flimsy units are no longer sufficient to hold our television sets, our DVD collections, our games consoles and the games, the amplifier and possibly the broadband women. We need something robust to take all of that weight.

Why Teak Makes Suitable Television Units

Teak Furniture London supplies a range of teak television units. Because teak is a hard wood it is robust, strong and not likely to break after a few months much like softer woods or the popular chipboards. You need the hard wood of teak to take the weight of this vital part of your daily entertainment experience. Unlike a lot of furniture, our TV units are made entirely from teak so you need not worry about having a solid frame but flimsy shelves that might not cope with the weight of your impressive Blu Ray collection.

A teak TV unit is likely to last you a long time, far longer than a plastic and glass construction and certainly far longer than using a cheaper wood. Our range of teak television units comes in a variety of styles but all are stylish, attractive and robust. The smallest is 120cm in width with the largest at 200cm wide. This means that they will be suitable for most modern television types – no more worrying about how and where you are going to attach your prized new television to the wall. We have two basic designs: with drawers and open spaces, and with sliding doors. These are two basic designs that never go out of fashion, even in the fast-paced world of the advancements of television technology.


Our Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture London has been providing high quality reclaimed teak wood since 1980 – therefore we have a long established tradition in our home base of Germany and the Netherlands. Since that time we have seen fashion and technology change in televisions but we remain committed to bringing you the highest quality reclaimed furniture from Indonesia.