How to Clean and Care for Teak Furniture

If you are already the proud owner of teak furniture, you will no doubt be aware of the qualities it is prized for: highly durable and requiring little care and attention compared to most other wood types; if your furniture is of the highest quality (Grade A teak) you know that it will survive outside in most conditions – even the harsh British winter where frost and snow is typically followed by torrential ice-cold rain. You will have purchased your piece or pieces on the understanding that it will potentially last a lifetime and beyond.

That’s not to say that teak does not require any care or cleaning, because like any highly-used household goods, it will need some looking after. With the highest quality teak – even teak that is reclaimed from other sources – you should not need expensive cleaning agents.

What should I Use to clean my Teak Furniture?

A Grade Teak is the most durable and suitable for practically any use – indoors and outdoors. It is commonly used for garden furniture and for decking because it is resistant to the elements and insects. However, mildew and moss might start to grow on the outside from time to time. This does not look very attractive so make sure to wipe away any build up regularly. Soapy water is normally enough but make sure to do it by hand. You shouldn’t need to re-oil it though doing so might keep the colour

If you have Grade B teak, it will require a bit more care and attention than the highest quality A Grade. It has more moisture and lower oil content than A Grade so is completely unsuitable for garden furniture. Grade B comes from the heartwood of less mature trees and the outer layers of mature trees. If you opt for outdoor furniture then you will regularly need to remove fungus and moss. Soapy water again ought to be enough and it is a good idea to oil it annually

Grade C comes from the outside of juvenile trees so it has not had the time to mature, to develop its oil content and reduce its moisture content. This is completely unsuitable for outdoor furniture and will require more care and attention – it simply will not survive outside for very long in the harsh conditions of the London climate. As you will keep it indoors, the usual care and attention you will pay to other wood types applies here. It will need regular oiling and can get damaged easily.

If you Don’t Own Teak Furniture…

You may or may not be aware of the durability of high quality teak and why it is so highly prized. If not, then you might be surprised at just how easy to care for furniture made from this particular wood actually is. As the tree has evolved in areas of the world that has a clear dry and wet season, it has become used to even some of the most extreme wet conditions. Teak Furniture London manufactures luxury furniture from this highly prized wood and often from reclaimed sources. Because of the longevity of teak, reclamation of old wood to produce new furniture is viable for a business and for the communities where teak grows.

Teak Furniture London has a wide range of furniture from the highest quality teak. We supply tables and chairs, TV units, garden furniture and much more.