A Garden is for Life, Not Just the Summer

Teak in Winter

In the middle of winter, you might not want to think about the summer. The last one is a distant memory and the next one seems so far away. It is cold, wet and in London it gets dark around 4:30 in the midwinter. Before Christmas you are focused on what it will cost you and after Christmas you are worrying about the bills you racked up during the festive season.

Buying new garden furniture needn’t be something you put off until the spring and – weather permitting – your garden can be enjoyed at any time of year. Garden furniture shops in London realise that the British weather is erratic – this is why a lot sold in the UK is made from teak.

Features of Teak

It has always been prized for its hardiness. Through history it has sometimes been used in the manufacture of boats – it did not appear to acquire the same level of rot; metal joints also tended to suffer less rust.

It is a tropical hardwood which means that it is a good choice to make garden furniture from. It doesn’t need painting or oiling as its natural oils protect it against the elements. These same oils make it far more water repellent than a lot of its hard and soft wood counterparts. It can survive rain, wind, frost and snow alike – the sort of weather that is typical for the UK in the colder months. It is a British garden enthusiasts delight as it is also resistant to pests, rot and fungi that other types of garden furniture might succumb to over time. The Victorians recognised its potential and began reclaiming the wood; garden furniture shops in London have been selling reclaimed teak for over a century – many public park benches around the city are made from teak.

Does Teak Need Maintenance?

As with any wood, it can succumb to stains. Long summer evenings drinking wine, autumn evenings drinking coffee will inevitably lead to staining. Even the dust and dirt of the London environment can – if left unchecked – affect the appearance of your teak garden furniture as it works its way into the wood. It is important to wipe up any stains immediately and to keep your teak furniture free of debris. Usually soapy water is enough but if you want to keep it looking new then there are other things you might try.

As it ages, teak will turn grey. This is a natural aging process and will not affect the quality of your furniture. You can either let nature take its course or you can purchase teak oils and other materials to preserve the natural colour of the product. The garden furniture shop that you choose to purchase from can advise you on which products are best for you. In winter you might want to use a cover, but this is not vital. If you choose to do so, be careful to use a breathable cover to prevent the growth of mildew.

With some very basic care and attention, you needn’t worry about the effects that the winter elements will have on your prized, reclaimed teak furniture and you might even take to enjoying winter evenings in your garden. Get an outdoor heater and gather around your garden furniture for mince pies and mulled wine!