Not Quite 101 Uses for a Teak Sideboard

The Modern Living Room

Sideboards are an essential part of modern living and they can be used for a variety of things. Whether you prefer to have a long and low piece with sliding doors and / or drawers for storage or a taller item more of a bookcase type with shelves to display your impressive collection of books or films, you will no doubt at some point find you have a need for a sideboard.

Most people will use their sideboards for:

  • Non everyday books, reference material such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • The ever-growing DVD and Blu Ray collection, or video games
  • Fine china and crystal glassware or other ornaments
  • Essential paperwork in the drawers
  • Low rise sideboards can make excellent display pieces for pewter or antique ornaments
  • They are usually the best place for flowers and lights
  • Space of the bottom sections are often good for children’s toys

Whether you choose to use yours for storage, displays, to keep fragile items safe or simply out of harm’s way there are many more potential uses for this diverse piece of furniture.

Why a Teak Sideboard?

Because you are likely to store a lot of items in your sideboard, and consequently there might be a lot of weight for the furniture to contend with, you need something solid, sturdy and high quality. A lot of much cheaper furniture will use even cheaper wood at the back and at the bottom, meaning that your vital sideboard may not be able to take much weight – so much for storing all of those DVDs, reference books and children’s toys!

Teak is a solid hard wood that can last generations – this is why it is so suitable for reclamation and continual reuse. It is hard, heavy and will survive not just the elements, but a lot of weight and pressure associated with the sort of things stored in a living room sideboard. It will stay there too – you won’t find one day that the bottom has fallen out because the weight was too much to bear. This is why teak is the ideal wood for making large storage furniture items such as sideboards. A teak sideboard will give you a lot of pleasure as well as reliability.

Teak Furniture London

As expert manufacturers of teak sideboards, Teak Furniture London knows that customers of teak are looking for a high value, attractive, high-quality piece that will last a lifetime. We have a wide range of sideboards made from reclaimed wood in a variety of attractive designs and sizes. From long and low sideboards with sliding doors to taller examples with drawers and bookshelves, the sideboard is a diverse piece of furniture for everyday use and vital to modern living as we accumulate more and more.

Visit our showroom and take a look at the wide range of living room teak sideboards we have on offer. All of our pieces are unique and some have paint residues thanks to the sources of reclamation – this is a popular feature for those looking for a more rustic or antique look to their furniture.