Protecting your teak furniture

It’s no doubt that teak furniture is best known to be a maintenance-free furniture and do not need any significant care. These are maintenance free because of exceptional water and weather resistance offered. Although, outdoor teak furniture can last for a life time even if you leave the furniture exposed in rainy season, it won’t get damaged. Teak furniture is chiefly designed for outdoor furniture purpose and doesn’t ask for much attention however to keep it in best possible shape there are few things that one must keep in mind to drive lifelong quality benefits out of the product.


It is essential to clean your furniture regularly as dust and dirt can cause the shining golden brown color of the teak to dampen and can make your furniture look unappealing plus no one really enjoys relaxing on dusty piece of furniture. Cleaning your furniture, particularly garden furniture is thus of great significance and you can easily clean your teak furniture with mild soapy water using a piece of sponge or soft clean cloth that can easily wipe away all the stains or dust from the furniture. Make sure that you use a soft clean cloth or sponge to clean the furniture and these do not leave any scratches on the surface and let the furniture dry in sun after you have cleaned it properly.

Maintaining color and texture: 

Teak wood has a very striking shining golden brown color that slowly fades away into silver grey color with usage. Although, the silver grey color of teak also looks great and compliments well with the outer atmosphere but if you wish to keep smooth golden brown color of your furniture alive, you need to take care from time to time and make sure that you keep your furniture covered. Also you can use a fine 220 grade sand-paper or of higher grade to maintain the smooth finish of you outdoor teak furniture.

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If you want your furniture to look new and give a glossy smooth finish, then you must be particular about small facts that you must take care of. Teak is a maintenance free wood and you need not worry about the quality under any condition however to maintain the shine and freshness of your furniture, you have to put in a modest effort.