Show Your Love with Genuine Teak

14th February – known as Valentine’s Day in the western world is a celebration of romantic love. All over Europe, lovers will be buying their boyfriends, girlfriends and wives flowers, chocolates, wine and jewellery. Couples will be going out for meals to celebrate their relationships, marriages and blossoming romances at the final festival of the winter season. As Valentine’s Day is a Friday night in 2014, they will talk long into the night sipping wine, eating chocolates and enjoying the comforts of their home. It can be expensive going out in London so some couple are choosing to have a night in, cooking a luxury meal and most importantly – avoiding the weather.


The Perfect Valentine’s Evening with Genuine Teak

What better time than Valentine’s Day to truly enjoy your genuine teak furniture? Whether you go out for a meal or decide to have a date night in, nothing can match the luxury and romance of a high quality teak table and luxurious and comfortable teak chairs. A round dinner table from Teak Furniture London feels intimate and certainly conducive to your date night in. With the right comfortable chairs, something like one of the red or black teak leather pieces, the hours will fly by as you eat, drink and be merry. These luxury items are covered in the finest leather leaving only the legs exposed. Teak is a hard wood so the extra comfort of the leather will be appreciated as you lose yourself in conversation over the course of the evening.

Soon the meal is finished and you decide to retire to another room. You could move into the living room and relax on your sofa and drink your finest coffee with cream. A coffee table from Teak Furniture London will add another level of luxury and comfort as you get cosy in front of a warm fire or simply turn the heating up. You might snack on chocolates and our coffee tables are the perfect height for sharing whichever nibbles you prefer.


Shall We Go Outside?

London residents prefer to enjoy their garden all year round and city dwellers have taken to purchasing portable garden heaters so that they can sit outside when the winter evenings are relatively mild and dry. Outdoor heaters are perfect for you to enjoy your teak garden bench at any time of the year. A 2-seater such as the garden station model is great for couples and is the perfect piece for those who would prefer to go outside, put a heater on and look at the stars while drinking coffee.

Spring is nearly here so the evenings might not feel quite as cold as they have been. But it will get cold and at some point you will want to go inside and put the television on, maybe a soft music channel or to watch a romantic film to take you into the small hours. Your television deserves a little bit of love too so be sure to take a look at our TV units made from reclaimed teak.


Teak furniture London supplies high quality furniture from reclaimed teak so hopefully like your love, it will last forever.