At Chinese New Year Show Off Your Teak Furniture!

Party Time

The first big party of 2014 comes towards the end of January. We are barely weeks into the western New Year and people all over the eastern world are marking their own New Year celebrations. It isn’t just limited to China and the Far East, cities all over the world with substantial Chinese populations are lighting up the streets, setting off lamps, holding parties and eating lots of traditional Chinese food to mark the start of the New Year. The 31st January 2014 marks The Year of the Horse, in 2015 the Chinese New Year is Year of the Goat and it starts on 19th February.

It isn’t just in public displays where the Chinese New Year is being marked, many people all over the globe are holding house parties – staying in is the new going out as they say and this is certainly true in London; what better time to show off your high quality teak furniture? In purchasing a high quality teak table and chairs, a coffee table, a bar table, bar chairs or a sideboard you are making a lifetime investment that will survive many years of house parties no matter how sedate or wild they might be.

Teak and Chinese New year

Teak is associated with the region as it is native to South East Asia – particularly in Indonesia where they too are presently marking the festivities associated with Chinese New Year. It also grows in India, Thailand, Burma and Malaysia though recently it has been imported to grow in Africa and the Caribbean. Burma still accounts for 1/3 of the total export of teak wood.

In purchasing a genuine piece of teak furniture, in your own way you too can join in the festivities of Chinese New Year. Even if you purchase your table and chairs too late for this year’s Chinese New Year, you could have it in time for many of the big events that you might hold throughout the year: winter dinner parties, a romantic Valentine’s Day meal, summer parties, engagement and christening celebrations, Bonfire Night, Christmas Dinner, New Year parties and of course next Chinese New Year! What’s more, the higher quality the teak, the sturdier it is. High quality teak is also high in natural oils and low in moisture which means you can take it outside and enjoy your summer party in the garden, enjoying your furniture way beyond the very sunset of mid summer.

Commitment to quality

At Teak Furniture London, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality teak products at competitive prices. We have many years of experience supplying high quality teak in Germany and the Netherlands and are now expanding our operating into the UK.

Teak is a hard wood highly prized for its properties. It is sturdy and can survive most disasters caused through general use and the more intense environment commonly associated with parties. The higher quality woods require minimum care and attention, the occasional soapy wash in most cases and it can survive outside in even the most typical London winter conditions.