Teak Benches to Enjoy the Snowdrops

Spring is months away yet at the end of February we begin to see the first tantalising signs of its impending arrival. The days start to get noticeably milder – though not yet warmer and it is still wet – the days get longer, each evening seems to have that little bit more sunlight during the day. The best sign of the impending arrival of spring however, is on the ground. Small, interesting delicate little flowers known as snowdrops and they are very good reason for you to spend the milder, drier days in the garden. What better way to spend time before or after Sunday lunch sitting in the garden on a teak bench and enjoying what nature has to offer?

Teak for a Winter Garden

Because teak is a high-quality and sturdy wood, it is perfect for all of your outdoor furniture needs – garden tables, chairs and of course benches. Most of the park benches in England are made from hard woods such as teak (though sometimes other woods are preferred) and now you can have this level of luxury and resilience in your own garden so that you might enjoy the snowdrops and other early bloomers.

Teak is an ideal wood because it does not suffer the effects of the winter London weather, it is resistant to frost, insects, mildew and fungus – though it will require the occasional wipe with soapy water to remove any debris or grit that might accumulate and damage the surface – though this is purely for aesthetic purposes and will not upset the quality of your teak furniture.

Our Teak Benches

Teak Furniture London has a wide range of teak garden benches from cosy, ornate two-seaters up to the wider 4-seater models that are more reminiscent of the typical park benches all over the country, and especially in London. You can have your very own teak bench in your garden and enjoy it all year around – we supply teak in the highest quality wood and pride ourselves on the superiority of the material that we use, sourcing reclaimed teak from the most reputable sources.

The 2-seaters are ideal for those romantic winter afternoons and evenings watching the sunset. We have a station 2-seater and a 3-seater that will be ideal for most gardens. We also have a high-quality 4-seater. Each piece is hand crafted with an attractive design and built with comfort in mind. The Beaufort model also comes in a 2, 3 and 4-seater. Aesthetically these are far closer to park benches.

Our Marlboro / Luytjens model is the most aesthetically pleasing. With full slats on the arm rests, a solid back with an attractive design and an underskirt, it is considered our luxury model and is hugely popular for those looking for something a little more romantic and less every-day in their gardens.

Spring is almost here and there is no better time than now to think about getting some high-quality teak furniture for your garden – visit our showroom and take a look at our teak benches.