Teak Computer Cabinets for Your Home Office

There has been a fundamental shift in the way we work over the last few years. With so many redundancies at all levels and across all professions, people all over the world have lost their jobs. In London where finance and services was a major player in the employment market, individuals are setting up their own businesses and seeing the benefits of working from home. There are distinct advantages to this – you can set your own hours. The cold, wet early commute in January and February is a thing of the past and in the warmer months you are at liberty to work outside.

To get started though, you need the appropriate equipment for your home office. Have you considered Teak Furniture London?

The Modern Home Office

Not only will you will require a range of electronic equipment but also the right furniture to create your home office – a desk or cabinet and the right chair.

It is important that you get the right desk or cabinet for you. If you are working on a laptop and therefore minimal use of electronic equipment, a simple desk or table might be more suitable for you. But what if you need a bit more space? You’ll need room for a keyboard, a monitor (sometimes two), printer, a scanner, probably the modem, paperwork, the mouse, spare disks, flash drives, writable DVDs, video equipment, maybe even a woofer and speakers if you need good sound quality… the list is endless and a simple desk will not do – it will quickly clutter up your room.

Have you considered getting a cabinet rather than a desk, and more importantly a teak computer cabinet? Teak furniture London knows that the modern home office requires a lot of space and many compartments. The 200*90*50cm model has a pull out shelf for your laptop or keyboard if you have a desktop. It also has several small compartments for storing those smaller peripherals discussed above. Different people have different needs for their home offices and consequently, a cabinet that is suitable for one home office will be unsuitable for another. That is why our 140*85*60 model has fewer compartments and a set of shelves at the bottom.

Teak Furniture London

We have a wide selection of stylish computer desks and teak computer cabinets. Teak is a sturdy and resilient hard wood that is perfect for the everyday use of the home office. Unlike a lot of other wood types, teak can take the weight of multiple computer devices – your desktop tower, monitor, all in one printer and scanner, as well as the large pile of paper that you’ll need to keep nearby!

What’s more, at the weekends when you do not want to be reminded of work, you can simply close the cabinet up and it looks like any other piece of luxury teak furniture in your home. They are designed with style in mind and Teak Furniture London knows how much a computer and associated equipment can really clutter up living space, making it look messy.

Teak Furniture London supplies quality furniture made from the highest quality teak wood so you can rest assured that when you come to change your computer, you won’t need to change your furniture at the same time.