Teak Medieval Furniture for Your Refectory

The main thing that makes teak so popular is its longevity. It is a hard wood, sturdy and resilient, meaning it requires very little in the way of care and attention. This is why it is so easy and popular to reclaim and make new furniture from much older items. Using old wood to fashion new items always adds the element of care for the environment too. Why cut down new trees when there is an ample supply of old houses being demolished to make way for new houses?

Reclaiming teak is a simple process and just as period styles are reclaimed for the modern aesthetically-minded homeowner, the wood will stand the test of time so you know you are getting a quality product when buying teak furniture.


Teak at the Monastery

In the UK and throughout Europe we still marvel at the medieval – the aesthetics of grand cathedrals and castles always draw the eye. The interiors of these places always have antique tables and chairs that sometimes date to the period or are very good reproductions. You have images of Lords and Ladies, Knights and Monks filling the tables for banquets on feast days: beer, wine, water, fresh fish, fruit and cold meat. Now imagine that you too can have such a banquet with your own teak medieval furniture.

Though most medieval furniture would have been made from a native hard wood such as oak, Teak Furniture London supplies a wide range of medieval monastery style tables. Immediately distinctive, these large, grand affairs draw the eye and provide a focal point of any part of the house where meals take place. Ideal for the spring get-togethers, the summer barbecues, the autumn feasts, Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. You can recreate the feeling of a medieval banquet anywhere and at any time of the year.


Our Monastic Furniture in Teak

Teak Furniture London supplies a wide range of teak tables made from reclaimed wood. We know that authenticity is what people look for so we have gone to great lengths to make the tables look a little rugged – a table really only looks medieval if it has visible signs of wear and tear! We search for wood to reclaim specifically with these signs of wear in order to add that dash of authenticity.

The monastery tables produced by Teak Furniture London are built using medieval designs or copying existing models so the monastery feel is far less idealised and far more of a reproduction. All models are distinct in having large, sturdy “stamp” feet connected by a crossbar. There are two basic designs: one where the table top is large, thick and made from solid teak. The other design uses wooden slats. Because of the nature of the wear, each individual piece is unique and some of our models have a paint residue – the pieces of recycled teak in these instances were deliberately chosen for this very popular feature.

Our teak monastery furniture comes in a range of sizes, from the long and low to the high and shorter so you are bound to find a model suitable for your home.