Brushed Teak Furniture

Modern furniture often lacks, as well put-together and as robust as it is, a certain something. Even the higher quality pieces made from the best and carefully selected wood tends to look manufactured, mass-produced and all too regular. There is nothing to set it apart from every other piece in the same range. Millions of people the world over undoubtedly get enormous amounts of pleasure from such pieces but for others, uniqueness, the rustic and the natural can be and often is important selection criterion for buying high-quality new furniture.

Teak is certainly a high quality wood and the higher the quality of the teak furniture piece, the longer it will last and the less care it needs. But what can you do when you prefer something to stand out even further from the crowd? How do you find and select that unique piece that would be perfect for your home?

Have you considered purchasing brushed teak furniture?

The Brushing Process

The process of chafing teak wood is very simple. Normally, a manufacturer uses a standard piece of high quality furniture and uses steel brushes on the surface. This could either be done by hand or by machine. The surface immediately starts to take on a rougher appearance. Teak is a robust and hardy wood that can survive even the most intense use – this is why the higher quality grade is such a good choice for your outdoor furniture.

The process of brushing removes all of the softer material, effectively buffing the surface and bringing the natural oils to the surface. A waxy exterior usually results from the process but this is all a perfectly normal effect of the buffing. This not only creates that rustic look, but also by promoting the natural grains of the individual tree, makes each piece unique.

Finally, some manufacturers use a process whereby they sand-blast the piece in order to make it look prematurely older. This does not damage the brushed teak furniture in the slightest; it simply adds a very attractive and popular weather-worn look.

Our Range

Teak Furniture London supplies a wide range of brushed teak furniture direct from suppliers of reclaimed teak wood in Indonesia and other countries of the Far East. We understand that many of our customers prefer the “old and used” look to their furniture, particularly those who own a country home or older house in London and want to keep a level of authenticity for the ambience. This is why our brushed teak wood furniture is so popular.

Our most popular brushed furniture pieces are the tables. As stated above, we take a normal long or round table of any size and apply steel brushes in order to buff up the piece. We can do this for any of our pieces including chairs. The other popular choice from our range is the wardrobe – it seems the bedroom and kitchen are two places where most of our customers look for a certain antique quality.