Try Teak Bar Furniture For Entertaining

Part of the dining and entertaining experience in the 21st century home is the desire to have a “home bar”. Where most of us simply have a drinks cabinet and a rack to store our wine and spirits, those with the extra space are opting to creating a bar in their own homes to bring the hotel or wine bar atmosphere to the comfort of their own spacious London apartments.

Cocktail mixing used to be considered a fine art but with the best cocktails from around the world readily available on the internet (and most often free), and a veritable library of books teaching you how to mix the perfect cocktails for your party, we are wishing to try the experience out for ourselves – and that requires a large collection of alcohol, the space to store it and the desire to create the correct atmosphere to truly enjoy it. It was said that “staying in is the new going out” and for some, this is certainly true as we eat out less often and entertain at home more often.


Teak Bar Furniture in Your London Home

You probably already have a small bar installed in your home and you are proud of your wine and spirits collection but what you don’t have is a set of bar stools or a bar table to add that little dose of authenticity to add to the party atmosphere.

We supply a bar stool type chair which is made – like all of our furniture – from reclaimed teak. In typical bar fashion it is tall and sturdy, elevating you to eye level with the cocktail maker or barman. It has a short back and an authentic look about it but is made from a high quality wood that you know will last numerous parties and the cold evenings of entertaining. What Christmas or New Year celebration would be complete without the authentic feel of a luxury cocktail bar in your own home?

Though we do not supply a bar table as standard, we can modify any of our regular dining tables to give them extra height to match the bar chairs. We can tailor it to your needs; you pick the table top type, let us know how high you want your bar table to be and whether you would like to have a supporting H-bean on your table. This will give your table extra support for stability purposes bearing in mind the extra height.


Teak Furniture London

The best thing about our teak furniture is that it is of the highest quality. In the winter you can create a home bar experience as part of your evening entertaining friends and family, and in the summer you can take the table and chairs into the garden and sip a piña colada as the sun goes down.

The sturdy nature of high quality teak wood and the superior craftsmanship of our furniture make it an ideal addition to your home life.